Saving & Investing. Making your money work for you!

Saving & Investing. Making your money work for you!

Ignite – March 2019. Your 12 month health & wellness programme

Saving and investing is about more than just putting a little aside for a rainy day. Looking ahead and planning your financial future is more important than ever.

Many people will ask ‘How can I possibly spare more money to save and how can I be sure of a return on my investments?’. But, with some easy tips & strategies, it is possible to put money away for the future and crucially, to make your money work for you!

In this month’s edition of Ignite, independent financial advisor, Brendan Bartley will help you understand:

  • What you should be saving and why
  • How to look for the right mix and where
  • How to start making smarter decisions about your money

We will also cover the investment options open to you as well as helping you understand levels of risk.

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